Garden Services

At AF Services, we can provide ongoing garden maintenance services that help to keep domestic and commercial properties in pristine condition throughout all four seasons. A detailed plan of action that allows lawns, plants, trees and other live garden features to be cared for at specified intervals helps to promote natural growth, maintain shape and give your garden space improved visual and kerb appeal.

Prior to any ongoing contract work, we can undertake initial soft landscaping projects that begin with garden clearances. If your garden is overgrown or in a poor state of care, we can remove the plant life or materials that are compromising the visual appearance of your outdoor space. Once we have a blank canvas to work with, we can start on the design phase of the project where we always include the customer in our ideas.

When we begin work at your property, you’ll immediately benefit from our many years of soft landscaping experience. AF Services have in-depth knowledge of turf, plant species and tree specimens so everything that we integrate into your garden will not only thrive, but will also lend outstanding visual appeal. We have the talent, the equipment and the personnel to create an outdoor palette of colour that truly inspires.

Once we’ve finished landscaping your garden, we can agree on a scheduled plan of maintenance that helps to preserve the initial appearance. AF Services may also recommend the addition of seasonal plants and species at periodic intervals to ensure the visual appeal of your garden is continually revitalised. All of our garden maintenance and design services are available on a one-off, periodical or seasonal basis.