Landscaping Services

We have an outstanding reputation throughout West Sussex for delivering high quality hard and soft landscaping servicesImage of Tree surgeon in Sussex for discerning property owners. Working in partnership with selected service providers in our area, we excel in all aspects of garden landscaping and maintenance. While our soft landscaping helps to preserve our initial work, it is our hard landscaping expertise that truly sets our company apart.

Hard landscaping is a term that generally describes the use of construction materials and aggregates to achieve a permanent architectural feature within a garden space. While soft landscaping largely focuses on live components such a turf, plants or trees, hard landscaping is the art of combining original design concepts with the many different materials available in today’s progressive marketplace.

Typical hard landscaping features include driveways, paving or patio areas and these particular projects may involve the use of block paving, pattern imprinted concrete or flagging. AF Services also use wood or timber for hard landscaping projects. Wood or timber is generally used in the construction of garden decking or fencing. Brick is another popular material that can be crafted into a decorative garden feature.

The only limit to what we can achieve with our landscaping work is your own imagination. Because we have many years of local experience, AF Services can often inspire ideas that you may not have considered personally. This is where our business comes into its own. By integrating your personal thoughts and concepts with our design expertise, we work towards the common goal of creating attractive, functional and inspiring garden spaces.