Expert Tree Surgeon in Brighton & Sussex

One of the biggest contributors to a stable and aesthetically pleasing garden environment is the trees that surround or, in many cases, make up the heart of it. At AF Services, we are experts in all aspects of arboriculture care. We have a wide range of tree care services available that not only focus on the preservation of healthy specimens, but that also protect your property when an existing tree is weak, diseased or dying.

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Tree Surgeon in Sussex

Our company can manage requirements that often require a specialist service provider. Instead of having to search in different places for a landscaper or a tree surgeon service throughout Brighton, Sussex, Crawley, East Grinstead and the surrounding areas. If we can’t undertake the work personally, we’ll be able to recommend a tree surgeon or a gate specialist from our own network of local service providers, saving you time in having to do the hard work yourself.

Importance to Choose Professional Tree Surgeon

Regular maintenance helps trees to hold their natural shape and can also improve the flow of natural sunlight to promote fresh and healthy growth. Some otherwise healthy trees may simply have dense foliage and by thinning the crown using simple tree surgery practices, the rest of your garden and property can benefit from additional sunlight, particularly during the warmer spring and summer months.

Unfortunately, diseased or dangerous trees can have a negative impact on surrounding specimens or the property itself. AF Services only fell trees as a last resort but when we have no other alternative, we use safe sectional dismantling methods that see the tree reduced from the top downwards, limb by limb. We can also consider the removal of individual limbs if the tree is healthy but certain branches threaten your personal safety or your property.

Some of the tree care work required in your garden may need the expertise of a specialist service provider. We have an extensive network of business contacts who work in association with our own company. Whenever we encounter tree problems that fall outside our own set of skills, we can recommend a dedicated arboriculture specialist to undertake the necessary work on our behalf to exceptionally high standards.